Preparing for deathMany times through our lives, we touch her invisible hand. Sometimes knowingly, sometimes without our knowledge. Until the day she finally grabs our arm and pulls us firmly in her direction. You cannot say no to her. For those who believe in the Bigger Plan, she can be a destination in herself. For those who don’t, she marks an abrupt end to our dreams.

Yes, you may have understood correctly: We are talking about Death. Let’s not pretend she doesn’t exist, or that she will not come for us. Ignorance is hardly the solution to any problem, let alone this one. Acknowledging Death instead, can give us a chance to plan better for something which:

  1. We have 100% certainly will happen.
  2. We have no certainty as to the time it will happen.
  3. Depending on how good a person we have been in our life, it will be something that causes pain to those who are close to us.

So, now that we have got that cleared out of the way, let’s please forget about Her for a second. But just for a second. I can already feel that you thinking that this post is far too negative and instead of continuing to read it, you wouldn’t mind catching up with the latest episode of Desperate Housewives.

So brand new topic: what does a business need to be successful? Any Business School graduate will tell you that it needs to solve a real-life problem. In more trendy jargon: to improve the quality of life of its potential customers. So how about trying to resolve the mother of all problems, Death? Let’s contemplate our options:

  1. Eliminate Her. NOT possible, unless you find the Holy Grail. Plus, wouldn’t it be a bit boring?
  2. Postpone her arrival. This is more likely: the average human life has increased from 41 years in 1900 to 70 in 2012. Extrapolate this trend: in 200 years, the average person will live for 204 years. Yes, you will still be a teenager in your fifties!
  3. Prepare for her arrival. BİNGO! In other words, making life a little bit easier for those around you when the time comes.

The last thing you want your loved ones to have to do is run the following Internet searches in the middle of all the drama:

  • Cremation vs. burial”
  • Legal work after death”
  • Cheap and cheerful funeral home”
  • Investing into landplot at local cemetery”

Over the past few years, as web start-ups set to revolutionize all sectors of the economy from music to urban transport, a few brave entrepreneurs have decided to deal with the issue of Death. Here are our Top 4 start-ups which offer excellent services to make life easier when someone passes away.

  1. The “Tripadvisor” of funeral homes and our personal favorite. Founded by two energetic ex-colleagues, eFuneral provides a great deal of information about all funeral homes across the US and increasingly around the world. Users can compare prices, read customer feedback and see what best fit their needs.

    The logic is compelling: for every choice in life, we spend time weighing the pros and the cons, so why not do the same for our last one? By opening up the information flow, eFuneral wants to revolutionize an industry (funeral homes) which is not particularly keen on changing.

  1. this sleek looking start-up launched by an IP lawyer and a tech-professional in 2013, allows users to deal with their online legacy. What will be your last tweet? Which Facebook photos do you want to keep on your page? How would you like to deliver your will to your relatives? has the answers.

  1. If you wish to make an impression even on the day after your last one, Elysium Space is for you! It offers to have your ashes sent into orbit and allows your dear ones to follow your last journey. And to avoid space pollution, one last moment of glory: you come back to Earth like a falling star at the end of a cosmic journey.

  1. A very structured web-site which takes the user through all the necessary steps to plan a good exit from life. Interestingly, a lot of these steps are not obvious ones and you realize it is much better to deal with them now rather than leaving them to your dear ones.

One day someone may succeed in finding the secret for eternal life; until then, these innovative start-ups will make a painful process a bit less painful. So use them! Do you know any other resources that could help others in their difficult time? Let us know in the comments.

At we are building a thriving community to honor the memories and celebrate the lives of our loved ones who have passed away. Families and friends can collaborate and create MemoryBooks, collections of their favorite photos, stories, and memorabilia. Looking for help fulfilling someone’s last wish? The MemoValley community is just the place for it.

image: flickr

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